South Australia Retention Changes

The Department for Education has announced the release of a new records retention schedule for offices and sites across South Australia, which supersedes all previous versions. This updated schedule, aimed at enhancing the management of educational records, is a critical update that revises the retention periods and reference numbers for various documents.

The new schedule, identified as RDS 2023/14v1, provides updated guidelines for the retention periods of records within the educational sector in South Australia. It is designed to ensure compliance with the latest regulatory landscape with regards to child safety and wellbeing. 

Significantly, this update includes changes to the retention periods for a wide range of document types, from student records and administrative files to policy documents and correspondence. Additionally, the reference numbers associated with these documents have also been updated, reflecting the changes in documentation strategy and management.

The schedule runs to 41 pages and is complex in nature. You can download a copy of latest RDS 2023/14 here

In addition to the actual schedule, we have created the table below that highlights some of the changes / mappings that have taken place (note: please use this as a rough guide only!). There are a huge amount of updates, so if you want a full copy of this document please request below.

 How We can Help

We have been helping South Australian schools navigate the complexities of the GDS/RDS for close to two decades. We are used in approximately 2000 schools across Australia and make managing recordkeeping compliance a breeze.

If you are a current customer, please get in touch – we are running an upgrade program that makes dealing with the changes as easy as booking in an update slot.

Record Type

Old Retention

New Retention

Student Admissions

Student Activities

Student Assessments

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years

27 Years

27 Years

No Change

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