Smart Stack is the latest innovation in on-site archiving & document storage.

We’ve spent years perfecting the perfect on-site archiving system to meet the needs of organisations and businesses required to keep documents on-site both short and long term. 

With Smart Stack your documents are immediately accessible through a front opening system without the need to shift and move heavy boxes. It’s freestanding, so it doesn’t require shelving or racking meaning it can be designed to fit any space.

How It Stacks Up

Safety and accessibility are key features of the Smart Stack System which is why each system consists of various parts to help it stack up and meet your needs.

lightweight inner file containers

The purpose built A4/Foolscap Smart Stack inner is a third of the size of a normal archive box. 

Store up to 750 pieces of paper inside each Smart Stack Inner – you can fit 4 inners in one outer, meaning you can store up to 3000 documents in one outer box.

The ergonomic shape and size mean that you will never lift more than 5kg.

If you have a compactus system or shelving, you can use the inner boxes on there too!

Reinforced outer shell

You’ll see these bright coloured boxes first. The Smart Stack system is nothing without its outers!

Made of strong polypropylene, these outer shells protect your important documents held inside.

Stack them up high to store documents in those tight spaces, and the fuller your outers are, the more stable your system becomes – max of 40kg per outer box. 

Each outer is labelled with a number so you can find documents in seconds when used with our tailored software.

Self Supporting Stabiliser Equipment

Stabiliser equipment is essential to make sure your system stays upright, stable and meets OHS requirements.

The stabiliser equipment which will be included in your system includes:

  • Polystyrene base – this keeps the system upright and stable either up against the wall or freestanding
  • Aluminium stabiliser bars – these are inside each outer box for reinforcement.
  • L&T bars – these pieces are essential in keeping all the boxes together and fitting nice and snugly.

Smart Stack was created with safety in mind.


Our Smart Stack outer and inner boxes are made from high quality corflute polypropylene, the same materials used in signage, construction and other applications requiring high strength as well as keeping the items lightweight.

Originally we produced a system made of cardboard, but wanted something that can protect your documents for the long term. Through extensive research, we discovered corflute polypropylene!

Corflute gets its name from the ribs that run perpendicular to the twin plastic walls. This ribbing provides excellent compaction strength while keeping the weight of the box down. It also makes it very difficult to rip or tear.

Polypropylene’s characteristics make it ideal for tough, robust products ranging from protective car bumpers to life-saving medical tools so it’s perfect to keep your documents safe!

10 year Satisfaction Guarantee

For added peace of mind, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our PAT tested systems when installed by our team of dedicated professionals.
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Why Corflute polypropylene?

Polypropylene doesn’t react with water, detergents, acids, or bases, so it won’t break down easily.

It’s resistant to cracking and stress, even when flexed, so it’s used in lots of hinges.

It’s durable and withstands daily wear and tear.


Our qualified and experienced storage solution builders can install your new Smart Stack System quickly and with minimal fuss. No matter how big or small your premises are, we can provide the best record management system for your archival needs.