System health Check-up

let us check and tune your system!

Not sure how your system is fairing? New to the process and want to make sure everything looks ok?  If you are currently using our software to manage your archives our expert team can check and tune your system remotely for one-off fee of only $295.00 + GST.

This service is great for when you’ve had a change of personnel, if you have had changes to your organizational structure or if you just want to make sure you are on the right track.

The online check of your archives via Smartsoft includes:

  • Logging in to your system and check if all entries have been classified correctly
  • Re-classification of documents as required
  • Check and update all date fields where possible
  • Removal of redundant of unnecessary document types
  • Removal of inactive accounts
  • Photographic inspection of your system (client to provide)
  • Provide an assessment on how much onsite work is required (if necessary)
  • Provide reporting for any entries that may need to be physically checked onsite and recommendations for the future!

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