Initial archive cleanup

feeling overwhelmed by the buildup of archives in your school?

If your schools’ archives are reaching a point where it’s just too much for your administration team to handle, we can do the heavy lifting for you.

We offer a comprehensive initial archive cleanup service that eases the burden of organising your archives. This service is a complete overhaul and intensive in nature, and gives your team a solid foundation to work with into the future (or you can get us to come back every year!) LINK HERE TO YEARLY

Note that it is offered as a standalone service, so you don’t necessarily need to install a Smart Stack System to avail of this service (though we think its a really good idea!)  

Our professional team -with a combined experience of over 30 years –  will take care of the entire process including:

  • Sorting and culling of expired records according to the relevant retention schedule (public, catholic or independent)
  • Boxing of all records including binding of lever-arch material.
  • Data entry of indexed records into SmartSoft or your nominated system 
  • Placement of cataloged records into the SmartStack system or shelving as required
  • Optimizing space within your archive room to achieve maximum utilization
  • Listing of expired records for authorisation and compliances purposes
  • Secure destruction of approved records


Get a quote for our initial archive cleanup / consultancy service

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