Document Management software


Access your records anywhere, anytime with our powerful web based software.

The Smart Stack system is nothing without our powerful online records management software.

We’ve tailored our online software to meet your needs. You’ll have access to your records online at any time and it includes built in destruction schedules, the highest security, and easy indexing systems.

Each of your Smart Stack inners & outers are numbered, and once entered into our software you will be able to find documents within seconds.

  • Software Powered Archive System
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • In Built Destruction Schedules
  • Easily Enter New Documents
  • Simple to search for files and documents
  • Upload digital versions of your documents

Powerful Searches

Easily locate your documents in seconds. Find anything using a combination of search words with filters and sorting across all captured data.


For temporary access to a document use the borrow feature. The system tracks who has the file so you will never lose a document.

Inbuilt Destruction

Our software tells you when your documents should be destroyed in line with your relevant record keeping guidelines - no more confusing or outdated schedules!

Fine Grain Security

Top grade security for your peace of mins. Assign security access levels for staff to provide total control over your archives.

Multi User

Ensure your entire team have access to the documents they need. There's no limit to the number of users you can add to the system.

Audit Logging

From login to logout, a users every move can be tracked with finite detail ensuring that a complete audit history is accessible.


Our software is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of any organisation - whatever the size.

Manage Onsite
and Offsite

Our software can manage both your on-site and off-site archives. We also provide an off-site storage solution for clients in Victoria!