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Updates to the Smart Soft User Guide

Meet the All new SmartSoft User Guide We’ve recently taken the time to update our user guide to help you find the answers to your frequently asked questions. Our User Guide can be accessed through the home dashboard when you log into Smartsoft by clicking on the ‘Help’ icon in

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Say Hello to Smart Stack

We are Smart Stack, the trusted document storage solution for thousands of organisations and businesses across Australia. We are excited to introduce you to our brand new look, with our same old professional Smart Stack service! We’ve taken the last few months review our services to better assist you with

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What’s Been Forgotten While Working From Home?

The “New normal”, “Social distancing”, “Blursday”, if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that it can expand our vocabulary. Arguably the most significant to us has been WFH, Working From Home. The situation many of us have found ourselves in as our businesses and schools adapt to the ongoing

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