It's Time to Move into the Digital Age!

Sometimes, storing paper isn’t practical, particularly if your access requirements are frequent or urgent. We have the capability of scanning and digitising upwards of 80,000 pages per day, quickly and cost effectively converting your paper records into digital documents.

Once scanned, your files are ready at your fingertips on our user-friendly online software available to you anywhere, anytime!

Index, Data Capture, Sort & Cull

As part of our scanning process we can index, data capture, sort and cull your documents. 

Our team of qualified and experienced archivists just love to sort, classify, cull and index your important information. Many of our team members have at least 5 + years in the archiving field and have tertiary qualifications in related areas.

The indexing process can be as basic or as comprehensive as required. From simply capturing names, matter numbers or financial year information to complex sentencing procedures we are capable of quickly and cost effectively creating an index of your documents.

Why You Should Go Digital

create more space

Declutter your space and remove those excess archive boxes and documents – have all your documents scanned and accessible at your fingertips.

Preserve historical documents

You may need to keep a hard copy of old historical documents, but they can still fade a deteriorate over time. We’ll take extra care of those items and scan them to preserve their history.

Increased Level of Security

Private files that should only be accessed by management can be password protected and encrypted to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Improved Collaboration

A scanned file is easier to share than a hard copy file. You can use our online software to upload the document and track updated versions to ensure you don't lose historical information.

Environmentally Friendly

Once you have all your paper files scanned, you can continue to use the online software to store your ongoing files. No need to continue printing them!

Less Risk in a Disaster

Imagine if all your paper files were lost in a disaster? If you had all your documents scanned, you would easily be able to access them from any where at any time.

What we can do for you

BULK Scanning of all your documents

Scanning of documents of any size and type

easy access via online software