Beaumaris Report & School Record Keeping

Safeguarding Students: Actionable Steps in Record-Keeping Following the Beaumaris Report

In a comprehensive investigation into historical child sexual abuse, the Beaumaris Report and a broader inquiry shed light on harrowing experiences faced by survivors in Melbourne, Victoria. 

The reports specifically honed in on Beaumaris Primary School, revealing disturbing instances of abuse occurring from the 1960s to the 1990s. Expanding beyond Beaumaris Primary, the broader inquiry delved into allegations of historical child sexual abuse across various government schools in Victoria. 

As a result, recommendations were made on how schools can better safeguard their students and provide crucial support to survivors of sexual abuse. This included a focus on improving record-keeping, archiving, and retention practices related to child protection and abuse allegations. 

Some key directives outlined include:


  • Improve Record Keeping Practices:

      • Establish clear and standardized procedures for documenting incidents of abuse, complaints, investigations and outcomes.
      • Ensure comprehensive, accurate and securely stored records.
      • Implement protocols for the timely creation, maintenance and updates of child protection-related records.
      • Provide staff training on proper record-keeping and maintaining confidentiality
  • Archiving Historical Records:
      • Developing a central repository for historical records related to child abuse allegations.
      • Ensure the secure management and accessibility for authorised personnel in compliance with privacy laws.
      • Develop protocols for the preservation and disposal of records in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Auditing and Monitoring:
    • Conduct regular audits of record-keeping practices to ensure compliance and identify areas for improvement.


    • Establish mechanisms for ongoing monitoring of records management, including quality control measures and staff training.


    • Create reporting mechanisms for staff to raise concerns or report gaps in record-keeping processes

How we can help you to meet these obligations

These recommendations are aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability and learning from past incidents to prevent future occurrences of child abuse. 

By improving records keeping, archiving, and retention practices you can create a safer environment for children and ensure that allegations of abuse are properly documented and addressed.

Smart Records Group are the school archive specialists. Our SmartStack and Smartsoft products, along with our programmed yearly archive maintenance cataloging services, helps schools systemise recordkeeping and maintain compliance with DET and MAC regulations. 

We keep across all changes that take place in the school recordkeeping landscape so you don’t have to.

For more information about how you can better manage your schools’ records, please click on an option below: 

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