COVID Vaccination Certificates

COVID-19 Vaccination Information Records:

COVID-19 vaccination information records refer to documentation related to an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. These records typically include details such as the individual’s name, date of birth, date(s) of vaccination, vaccine type administered, lot number, and any additional relevant information. 

In schools, collecting vaccination records was a requirement under OH&S COVID-19 Regulations to ensure a safe working environment. However, as of 12th July 2023 this has been automatically revoked.

The Victorian Government now urgently requires that all COVID-19 vaccination information records held by schools be destroyed by August 10, 2023. Failing to do so means that a school is non-compliant with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. 


What You Need to Do:

  1. Located all your COVID-19 Vaccination Records via your Smart Soft System or Alternate Archiving Register
  2. Securely Destroy the Records – Ensure that it is done securely to protect individuals’ private and sensitive information.
  3. Maintain documentation of the destruction process, including dates, methods used, and any relevant approvals.

Examples of Records:

  • Individual Vaccination Certificates
  • Vaccination Status Registers
  • Information about whether a specified person has received any vaccination against COVID-19 and the date of vaccination; or is unable to receive a dose (or a further dose) due to medical contraindication, acute medical illness

This applies to any person who visited schools and had to disclose their vaccination status to enter the premises. This may include parents, carers, contractors, volunteers and casual relief teachers.

Other records relating to COVID need to be sentenced as per 07/01 & 22/06.

Remember, it’s crucial to handle sensitive information responsibly and ethically, following the appropriate legal and regulatory procedures.


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