10 Reasons Why Smart Stack will Change Your Life!

We regularly get feedback from our customers on how using their Smart Stack on-site archiving system has changed their life forever!

Archiving is never a fun task, but if done well the first time, you’ll reap the benefits into the future. If you’re not sure if Smart Stack is right for you, here are the top 10 things we get the most positive feedback on:

  1. Your Archives Remain Stored At Your Premises
    The Smart Stack system fits into any space you have. You will no longer have hundreds of flimsy cardboard boxes laying around your office.

  2. Find What You Need In Seconds
    Smart Stack is a software powered system – meaning you can easily search for your documents in a matter of seconds.

  3. Destruction & Retention Dates are Automated
    Never keep an excel spreadsheet with hundreds of entries. Our software allows you to keep track of when documents need to be securely destroyed and what documents need to be permanently kept.

  4. Never Lift Archive Boxes Over 5kg Again!
    We provide you with inner and outer boxes which satisfy all your OH&S issues, the only lifting you will do is by carrying an inner – and even when full they don’t get heavier than 5kg.

  5. Our Boxes Are Built to Last
    We designed a system that is built to last, and when installed by our expert team we guarantee you’ll be happy with it for at least 10 years. The containers are fire resistant, water resistant and rodent resistant. 

  6. Range of Bright Colours
    Archiving might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but you can now say goodbye to boring brown filing boxes! Smart Stack comes in a range of bright colours, and we can tailor a system to your organisations colour scheme.

  7. No Need For Shelving
    Smart Stack is a freestanding, stable and safe archive system. You don’t need shelves to have a system installed. If you do have shelves already installed though, our Inner boxes are perfect to be placed on them if a system won’t fit.

  8. We Install & Clean Up Your Documents
    We offer an all inclusive service that will suit your needs. Our team come and collect all your documents, converting them into our system and then installing the system for you on-site. Once installed we show you how the system and software works, and there to support you when you need it.

  9. We Provide an Obligation Free Quote
    Our team can come and meet with you to assess your current situation and provide you with a tailored, no-obligation quote. Every system we install is tailored to each customers needs.

  10. Fully Recyclable Materials
    If for any reason you choose not to use your Smart Stack system in 20 years time, each of the outer and inner boxes are recyclable and able to be placed in your normal recycle bin.

Still not sure if Smart Stack is for you? Click here to get in touch with our team to organise a no-obligation measure and quote, plus we’ll send you a sample inner box to show you how it can work.

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