Offsite Archive storage

Running out of space in your system? Store your archives offsite with us!

We have space to share at our APPROSS approved storage facility! Enjoy the peace of mind of having your documents under our 24/7 care. When you need a file we’ll deliver it right to your door!

Our Facility

Located in south east Melbourne, our storage facility is purpose built for the storage of archives and documents.

Temperature controlled
Continuous monitoring temperatures in our warehouse between 13 C to 21 C, relative humidity 30%-65%. Environmental change control and maintenance using exhaust fans, thermal mass and adequate shading.
Warehouse specifications
8000m2 of floorspace, reaching a maximum height of 14m. With a reinforced high tensile concrete slab, minimum fire break of 3 metres between buildings and situated in a non flood plain area.
Pest Control
We proactively conduct fortnightly site inspections, rodent baiting and quarterly barrier insecticide application.
Security Measures
24 Hour CCTV recording including back to base alarm monitoring & nightly security patrols. We implement a strict key register and restrict access to our building with access control on all double locked access points.
Fire Suppression and Prevention
Facility wide sprinkler systems tested weekly, pressure tested quarterly and all suppression devices tested annually. Systems are directly linked to the metropolitan fire brigade.

Accessing your files

Your files may be out of sight but they definitely aren’t out of mind. Here’s how you will be able to access your files with offsite storage. 

on demand file retrieval

Your files are just a phone call away. Place an order with us on the phone or online and we will try our best to fulfil it within 24 Hours. When you’re done with it we’ll pick it up to be stored away again.

Software & digitsation

The smartsoft online document management system is the best way to access and manage digitised documents.

We can scan as many documents as you like so that you can access them digitally whenever and wherever you like.

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